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Conforming to the image of Christ

Written by
Evangelist Samuel Akufo
October 2018 | Mid-West Sector Head

Special Greetings to all Witnesses from the throne room of holiness, love, mercy and grace. First and foremost, one must understand what the image of Christ is. So, my key question is who is Jesus Christ and how important is He to you and me?

There has been and continues to be, too many speculations about the identity of Christ.
Matthew 16:15

Jesus himself, knowing the complex nature of his person, decided to take the lead in posing a very difficult but insightful question to his disciples. In Matthew 16:15 Jesus asked his disciples, “But what about you? Who do you say I am?” There has been and continues to be, too many speculations about the identity of Christ. Today, scholars, religious leaders, authors, other believers and unbelievers are all trying to wrestle with the real identity of Jesus Christ.

In accordance with Apostle Paul’s letter to the Colossians, he makes it clear that Jesus is the express image of the invisible God. So in order to fully understand the image of Christ one has to first understand the image of God because He and the Father are one

Two main keys - Love and Holiness God is love and Holiness is His highest attribute. In order to conform to the image of Christ, we have to love The Lord by giving Him the first priority in everything we do and you have to love your neighbor as yourself, and finally you have to earnestly pursue a life of holiness.

May the good Lord strengthen us and empower us by the indwelling power of the Holy Ghost to measure up to God’s expectation of us regarding love and holiness even as we pursue our heavenly assigned responsibility of the ministry of reconciliation.
May God richly bless us all. Sons of God, March Forward!

Evangelist Samuel Akufo
About The Author

Evangelist Samuel Akufo - Mid-West Sector Head

Evangelist Samuel Akufo is a graduate of University of Ghana in Religion and Political Science and also holds a master's degree in management from Cambridge College. He was the first ordained Pastor of the Apostolic Church in the USA, and later became the first and only ordained Evangelist in the USA. He has planted several churches in the USA including the Church of Pentecost in Atlanta, Georgia. Evangelist Samuel Akufo is currently the Mid-West Sector head of The Apostolic Church in the USA and the resident head pastor of the Columbus Assembly. Evangelist Samuel Akufo is married to Joyce Akufo and have 3 girls.

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