By Carl Clottey | May 2019
Internationally respected leadership expert John C. Maxwell in his book
| May 2019
At times life hits us with hardships, sudden losses, disabilities, deferred dreams, lost hope, failure,
By Akua Asante | May 2019
Today I’m going to take you guys on a journey through 1 Samuel chapter 1.
By Evang. Samuel Akufo | October 2018
In Matthew 16:15 Jesus asked his disciples, “But what about you? Who do you say I am?”
| October 2018
I had a conversation with Nana last Saturday evening about his faith, life and work.
By Nana Ama Baryeh | October 2018
Have you ever wondered why a group of people in a given class with the same baseline characteristics and shared career goals often will have different career outcomes
By David Abebrese | October 2018
It is observed by the measured upward difference between the believer’s current lifestyle and the life he or she previously lived either as an unbeliever or as a spiritual infant.
By Aaron Apawu | October 2018
These media impact our lives through the power of repetition, which creates desires and pathways of lust in our hearts. To overcome lust, you must be selective about the things you see/read, hear, feel, smell and touch
By Isaac Isaac-Danquah | October 2018
Your ability to overcome such challenges will prove your strength as a Child of God. Stay focused and do not be distracted by these influences.