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Carl Clottey
May 2019 | Career

Internationally respected leadership expert John C. Maxwell in his book, Beyond Talent, notes that “Talent is a given, but you must earn success”. And this is the premise upon which I present you this nugget. Hello there! My name is Carl Clottey and I affirm that TALENT IS NOT ENOUGH! Among other things here are a few nuggets I can share from my experience as a budding Gospel Minister. To touch the world effectively with our giftings we need to empower ourselves by striving for perfection in whatever gift we possess. Many folks are talented but can only affect lives with their talents if they are processed correctly. Starting out as a singer, it always felt good when people were overjoyed at the sound of my voice. But then, I was young and wasn’t involved in the “WAR” of making real music that could affect lives and stand the test of time. The “Finished Work” is what people will be drawn to and affected by; not our raw giftings. In order to be effective, I needed to invest in my craft. Yes, sacrifices had to be made. The voice is an instrument just like the piano or guitar and needs constant practice to have it work at its fullest potential. Investment of time, money, resources cannot be taken for granted. You may have a very sweet tone to your voice, but might not really understand how to stay in tune and in key, sing harmonies, modulations and so forth. So, there’s always that extra move that had to be made in order to be able to achieve a “shiny” production. Vocal coaches, music directors, instrumentalists are all vital to the success of great productions.

The voice is an instrument just like the piano or guitar and needs constant practice to have it work at its fullest potential

Just like athletes, we need to put the work in to reap the results. As an athlete trains to increase speed, agility and control over their bodies, so should singers train daily to become effective. The most successful Gospel musicians and artistes all have similar blueprints which they followed to achieve greatness. For instance, you have to listen wide to increase your music “vocabulary”. As singers and musicians in general, the mind and our ears pick up and store melodies and progressions unconsciously when we take more time to listen to different forms of music. It works just us it does for the reader who picks up new words when they read. As singers/ministers, we must give ourselves to learning at least one musical instrument as this improves our musicianship in general.

The greatest singers of all time had coaches and guidance in one way or the other. Apart from a role model whom you see as an example, a mentor or coach is essential. He or she may directly shape your gift into what you have always dreamed of it to be. Your raw talent may be enough to serve your local church in some regard, but if you want to affect the world with your gift, seek a coach today! PRODUCTION

After you have rehearsed and mastered your craft through serious rehearsal and coaching, it is vital for your musical expressions to be captured and publicized to the world in general. A great production plays a major role in attracting and causing an unbeliever to come unto Christ. What I mean by production is a collection of different processes required to get a musical piece ready and presentable for viewing and hearing. Your music must be arranged properly, you should know your cues, understand the stage as your office, get in sync with the rest of the band and make sure you are well groomed. The Bible admonishes us in Matthew 5:16 to let our light shine before men that they may see the GOOD deeds and glorify our father who is in heaven. In this context, if we do not present ourselves in a “shiny” manner, how do men then get attracted to our father who is in heaven? Please note that not every singer or musician may be able to write their own music but not that notwithstanding, it doesn’t stop creativity during production.

The next tip is to make promotions a priority. It’s true that God promotes his own. But faith without works is vain. Put up a team to work on social media and traditional media. Share the music until it reaches all ends of the earth. If the music and production stays only with you and church members and close friends, it will not reach and make the desired impact on the people of the world. If you want your song to be sang and ministered in Churches and gatherings, promote it. I know promotion costs a lot of money and time, but in your own small way make the effort and God will do the rest. Make use of the most popular social media platforms and you will be amazed by the number of people who will be blessed by your work. GOD FACTOR

Most importantly, we need to connect to the OMNIPOTENT GOD. PRAYER opens the door to the holies of holies, creative ideas, favor and more grace to the music we produce. The most impactful Gospel songs of our time can be attributed to tons of prayer investments. Prayer is vital to achieving success with your talent.

About The Author

Carl Clottey

Carl Clottey, birthname Samuel Carl Nii Klotey Clottey was born on the 1st October 1989, to Elder Emmanuel Clottey and Lucy Clottey. Carl hails from Asere a typical fishing community in the Greater Accra Metropolis. Growing up, Carl received work ethic, tenacity and disciplines from his mentor “his dad” who is an astute music director in the Apostolic Church. As a teenager he enjoyed their morning devotion that never elapsed without Pentecostal worshipful songs from his parents who assumed worship lead. Growing up on such rich Spirit filled music and teachings Carl developed the strong urge to mastering his vocal abilities. He took to enjoying solitary life at the beach singing and creating songs. Inspired by his dad’s silky baritone gospel songs, Carl began singing gospel as a teenager. His stints with “Bands Alive” and “Voice Phactory” afforded him the honours of meeting great musician like Bessa Simons, Zabb Mallet and Freeman Daniel who groomed him in the artistic nature of songwriting and singing Carl Clottey started his ministry in 2010.He released his heavenly inspired titled, debut album “The Way, the Truth and the Life” in 2013. Carls desire is unending and the silky, soothing voice epitomizes “Worship”.

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