She Got Up And She Prayed

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Akua Asante
May 2019 | Social

Today I’m going to take you guys on a journey through 1 Samuel chapter 1. So please fasten your seatbelts and sit tight during this journey. 1 Samuel 1 starts off with a man named Elkanah who lives in Ramah. Now Elkanah lives in this area with his two wives: Peninah and Hannah. The difference between these two women is that Peninah has kids and Hannah does not (She’s barren)

See the funny thing with all this is, after Hannah got up and prayed, we didn’t hear about Peninah again (Peninah who? 🤔)

So in the story, EACH YEAR Elkanah went to Shiloh to worship and offer sacrifice to God. And after Elkanah presented his sacrifice, he would then give portions of the meat to Peninah and each of her children. The Bible says “And though he loved Hannah, he would give her only one choice portion because the Lord had given her no children.” (1 Samuel 1:5 NLT) Peninah being the woman with children 👩‍👧‍👦 would always taunt Hannah and make her feel bad for not being able to have kids. The Bible says “Year after year it was the same—Peninnah would taunt Hannah as they went to the Tabernacle. Each time, Hannah would be reduced to tears and would not even eat.” 1 Samuel 1:7 NLT

Every single time Hannah was REDUCED to tears! She was depressed 😪, she was miserable, she was sad. She couldn’t even eat her food. Nothing mattered except for the fact that she couldn’t give birth. The worst part was her enemy Peninah was always reminding her about it. But LOOK HERE! 1 Samuel 1:9 ONCE (one day out of the many years they had come up to offer sacrifices and Peninah would taunt her) after a sacrificial meal at Shiloh,HANNAH GOT UP AND WENT TO PRAY! Hannah did something different this time. She did two things! SHE GOT UP and SHE WENT TO PRAY. In life it’s not enough to just get up! It’s what you do after you get up! GET UP and PRAY! See this time she wasn’t REDUCED to tears! SHE GOT UP! and SHE PRAYED! To brief you, the following year when it was time for the family to go up to Shiloh again, Hannah had a child of her own.

See the funny thing with all this is, after Hannah got up and prayed, we didn’t hear about Peninah again (Peninah who? 🤔). We didn’t hear about her taunting Hannah like she did each year. All of a sudden Peninah’s name wasn’t even relevant. Your Prayer will literally shut the mouth of your enemy 🤐. See we all don’t have the same problems, but like Hannah we’re all going through something. And like Hannah, the enemy will taunt us UNTIL, we GET UP and WE PRAY. We cannot allow the storms of life to REDUCE us to TEARS EACH TIME. We must get up and say ENOUGH is ENOUGH! And I trust that once we transfer all the energy we were using to cry, into our prayer, the Lord will arise and grant us what we are looking for.

If your bosses at work are giving you problems, GET UP AND PRAY

If you're having marital issues, GET UP AND PRAY!

If you're having financial issues, GET UP AND PRAY!

If you're having family issues, GET UP AND PRAY!

If you're having relationship issues, GET UP AND PRAY!

If you're having problems in school, GET UP AND PRAY!

Whatever problem that it may be, GET UP AND PRAY!

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